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Controversial Essay Topics

Controversial essay topics are topics that require a strong thesis statement as well as strong arguments and evidences. Controversial essay is pretty much the same as argumentative essay except in controversial essays writers are to take a side of the problem that is really important. Controversial topics are hot, very much spoken topics with a lot of debates going on.

These topics may vary from region to region, from country to country or may be word wide. For example, for a certain region a controversial issue might be if a kindergarten should be demolished and instead some mall should be built. This is a very important topic for the residents of that region, but not country wide. A national controversial topic may be if taxes should be raised. Each resident sooner or later starts pay taxes, therefore, the topic of raising taxes is equally important to each citizen of that country. Word wide topics may be pollution regulations, economics regulations, foreign affairs of this or that country as it affects the rest of the countries.

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Examples of topics on a keyword religion:

  1. The word would be better off without organized religion.
  2. People should marry someone with the same religion.
  3. Technology impacts religion.