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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Compare and Contrast Essays are essays where the writer is to either compare or contrast something. It is very important to highlight the word either as the writer is not supposed to do both. Depending on the desire of the writer he is either to compare things showing their similarities or contrast things showing their differences. A lot of students make a mistake by doing both, therefore, loosing points.

To do a good compare and contrast essay the writer must be knowledgeable in both topics he is going to compare or contrast. In this type of essay one can compare or contrast something fairly easy like people who eat meat and vegetarians; or they can go deep into the topic comparing or contrasting two wars for example, or ruling two dynasties. These topics are both historical and require a deep research in order to property compare or contrast them.

This type of essay is very good to write to show the knowledge and the scope of work performed by a student. If the essay is properly referenced and formatted, a student can get pretty high points. Proper format of compare and contrast essay is an introduction where the writer is to point weather he is going to compare or contrast things. Then, three body paragraphs follow either comparing or contrasting things. The conclusion will then summarize the points stated into the body paragraphs. Please note that you can use our tool to create topics for research papers at college and university level.

If you are looking around to find a good topic that can be compared and contrasted, is a great website that can help you generate twenty-five or even more topics to write about. The webpage has three fields that must be filled in to come up with good topics. If you do not know even the subject field, you can leave it blank and the website will generate you compare and contrast essays of any subject field. An example of good compare and contrast topics on two different cultures are:

  1. How Americans and British respond to jokes?
  2. Compare and contrast American & British sense of patriotism.
  3. Compare and contrast American & British diet.